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Talking Therapy

Psychotherapy and counselling

Psychotherapy and counselling are both talking therapies which offer a safe, confidential space and relationship to help our clients express and explore their feelings and gain deeper insight into the issues they may be facing.  Our therapists aim to help clients find alternative ways to cope or bring about changes in thinking and behaviour to improve mental and emotional well being.

Counselling helps our clients to explore, process and understand the challenges they may be facing and help to develop more helpful patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  A psychotherapist works at a deeper level and supports clients to explore their childhood, relationships and life experiences in relation to their current situation. 

Walk and talk

We offer walk and talk therapy which provides the opportunity to access talking therapy within a naturally therapeutic outdoor setting. This form of therapy is becoming increasingly popular as our clients feel the benefits of connecting with nature, the sense of space and freedom alongside physical exercise to their well-being. Being outside allows some of our clients to talk more freely, walking alongside their therapist on a journey together.

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Telephone: 07759 069141


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