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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music therapy can help people of all ages and abilities, particularly where engaging in verbal therapy may be challenging.  The ability to appreciate and respond to music is an inborn quality in human beings which is not dependent on musical training or experience.  Music therapy offers a safe, secure space where our clients are not under instruction but allowed the freedom to express themselves through sounds, silences, gestures and words, encouraging new ways of communicating  needs and feelings.  By observing, listening and playing with our clients, insight is sought into how they may be feeling which forms the basis to the therapy process.   Fundamental to the therapy is the development of a relationship between the client and therapist in which music-making forms the basis for communication and aims to facilitate positive changes in well being.

Group music therapy

Group music therapy may be particularly beneficial for those who find it difficult to communicate with others or may be more socially isolated.  Group therapy provides an opportunity to develop social and communication skills in a supportive group context.  Groups established for those with shared difficulties, for example low self esteem or bereavement can provide an important strong sense of support, understanding and belonging. Engaging in non-verbal musical expression in a safe and contained group setting encourages clients to listen to one another and develop an awareness of themselves in relation to others.

Parent/child/family music therapy

Parent/child/family music therapy offers a unique space where parents/carers and children can relate to each other in different ways. A safe, containing environment is provided in which relationships can be explored with a creative, non-verbal focus, often having lasting positive impact on relationships.

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