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Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is a creative form of therapy, which incorporates the body to communicate, explore and process emotions and experiences. This modality is a psychological intervention that is used to support both children and adults with a range of mental health and physical conditions. Clients do not need to have any experience or ability in dance or movement to see the benefits of this form of psychotherapy.


The therapist will incorporate a range of reflective, spontaneous and creative movements with their clients to guide and support them on their psychotherapy journey. They may also use a range of creative interventions such as music and art to enhance the process. The therapeutic relationship is also complemented by verbal communication to further develop their client’s mind and body connection. The therapist provides a non-judgemental, safe and empathetic relationship where clients can discover new opportunities for healing and personal growth. 

Telephone: 07759 069141


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